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Website Goes Live

Newry & Mourne District Council Mayor Charlie Casey officiated at the launch of a website for Barcroft Community Association last Friday 13 April at Loanda House.  Managerial staff from Newry Web Design Company also attended and received various accolades for the professional design and layout of the website. Speaking at the launch  Darren Thompson  Chairperson of Barcroft Community Association praised the production of the website for its highly professional design.



Mr Thompson said:

“This is a great day for Barcroft Community Association the website will modernise our communications and provides us with an invaluable communications vehicle to promote the activities and programmes available to people of all age groups within the Greater Barcroft area.”


Mr Thompson added:


“The website provides the community association with an invaluable technological aid for inter-community activity and enhances routes to training courses, personal development and projects within Barcroft and between community, voluntary, statutory and other sectors. The website will assist bookings for sports, drama, music and general games and activities.  The website will also include local information on reminiscence and signpost residents to health, education and other initiatives.”


Mr Thompson concluded:


“On behalf of Barcroft Community Association I would like to thank NMDC Mayor Charlie Casey for fitting in our event as part of his busy programme. Also, I pay tribute to Newry Web Design particularly local woman Sarah McAllister for providing us with this fantastic website. The online capacity will help the association to cascade information throughout the Greater Barcroft area; to inform residents about hosting and providing  training courses, workshops and other activities and events.”